Prof. R. M. Santilli's Invited Keynote Talk and Award
at the international Confe rence ICNPAA CONGRESS 2016
University of La Rochelle, France, July 4 to 9, 2016

The Center of the Universitty of La Rochelle, France, were Dr. R. M. Santilli delivered his invited keynote talk and received his new award. For additional information o the historical city of La Rochelle, please visit the website For additional important awards received by Dr. Santilli, please visit the website

Conference website

Invited Keynote Talk
R. M. Santilli, Outline of the new era in mathematics and its applications

Power Point of Dr. Santilli's invited talk

Special session: Santilli new sciences for a new era

Partial list of talks

Technical Achievement Award to Prof Ruggero Maria Santilli
co-sponsored by the Universite' de la Rochelle,
American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
The International Federation of Non-Linear Analysis
International Federation of Information Processing
American Institute of Physics.
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on Prof. Santilli prizes and Nominations

A view of Prof. Santilli important award from the University of La Rochelle, France, under important sponsorships.

Prof. Santilli at the time of the reception of the 2016 award from the University of La Rochelle while wearing the prestigious Grand Cross of the Sant'Agata Order with the title of Sir received on September 6, 2011, from the Republic of San Marino 9see above).

Images of Prof. Santilli's keynote talk at the Universite' de la La Rochelle from top left: talk title; presentation of his discovery of isomathematics and isodifferential calculus; presentation of his genomathematics for irreversible systems; presentation of structural advances in particle physics.