Santilli seem to me to augur a return to sanity: to that realism and objectivism for which Einstein stood .....
Karl Popper, Quantum Theory and the Schism in Physics, 1982

Cosmic inflation is "fantasy." string theory is "fashion," and quantum mechanics is "faith."
Roger Penrose at the recent interview.

Pamela Fleming
Executive Voice President
The Institute for Basic Research
Email: basicresearch(at)i-b-r(dot)org

2. The "Blood Red Spaceship"
In a recent NPR interview, astronaut Chris Hadfield indicated that his spaceship became "blood red" when seeing Sunrise (see the interview). This important report confirms that Sunlight passing through our atmosphere experiences a redshift, since the explanation via the absorption of all other colors is not credible due to the well known fact that blue is the most penetrating wavelength in a gas while red is quickly absorbed. Therefore, in the event that absorption by our atmosphere were the origin of color, Hadfield's spaceship should have been blue and not "blood red." The explanation that the redness of the spaceship is due to scattering has also been discredited in serious scientific circles because there is no atmosphere between Earth and the spaceship. In factm the "blood red" clos detected by astronauts Hadfield refers to direct Sunlight for which no scattering thrpough our atmosphgere or othejr media is applicable since scattering does not exist along a straight line(ee for details the Press Release and scientific references quoted therein.)

Figure 1.
Figure 2.

Fig. 1 depicts Sunrise as seen from space and Fig. 2 provides a picture of the "blood red" interior of Hadfield's spaceship at the initiation of sunrise.

1. The "Blood Red Moon"
Recently, there has been a great interest in the old Lunar eclipse during which the Moon becomes progressively red, until it acquires the same "blood red" color as seen by astronaut Hadfield from space during Sunrise (see, for instance, the video). This observation provides additional direct confirmation that Sunlight experiences a redshift when passing through a gaseous medium such as our atmosphere, since the absorption and scattering interpretations have been disqualified as being non-scientific (Section 1).

Figure 3.
Figure 4.

Fig. 3 depicts the "blood red" Moon at the point of expected maximal darkness, and Fig. 4 illustrates the progressive increase of redness during the Lunar eclipse.

3. Confirmation of Santilli IsoRedShift
The "blood red" spaceship and Moon constitute an additional, this time visual experimental verification of the IsoRedShift established mathematically, theoretically and experimentally by Dr. R. M. Santilli (curriculum) because the redshift occurs without any appreciable change of the relative distance between the source (the Sun), the medium (Earth's atmosphere) and the observer (the s[spacecraft or the Moon). We merely have the loss of energy by Sunlight to a cold gaseous medium, with consequential decrease of the frequency, according to a new atomic process while scattering and absorption occur at the molecular level (for details, see News Releases [1-9] and scientific papers published in refereed journals quoted therein).

Figure 5.
Figure 6.

Figure 7.
Figure 8.

Fig. 7 illustrates the increase of redness of the Sun at Sunset with the decrease of the elevation on the horizon (the increase of Sunlight travel in atmospherr; Fig. 6 illustrates the equivalence of the redshift of the Sun at Sunset and the cosmological redshift of galactic light since in both cases we have the shift of the entire spectrum of visible light toward the red; Fig. 7 depicts one of the numerous scans of direct Sunlight from the Zenith to the horizon obtained by Dr. Santilli showing an IsoRedShift of about 100 nm; and Fig. 8 provides an additional spectral analysis establishing the existence for Sunlight at Sunset of a frequency shift of 100 nm without any relative motion, plus the appearance of infrared lines not existing at the Zenith (see the latest experimental confirmations ).

Hubble's law

4. Lack of Expansion of the Universe and All Related Conjectures.
"The "blood red" spaceship and Moon are visual evidence that the universe is not expanding, states Dr. Santilli, because, when our Sun is seen millions of light years from us, it is redshifted without need for the any expansion of the universe. We merely have the replacement of Earth's atmosphere with the intergalactic medium mostly composed by cold Hydrogen and other gases. The only difference is that the short travel of light in our dense atmosphere is replaced with a long travel of light in a very light medium, but the experimentally established physical laws set forth within physical media by isomathematics and isomechanics remain the same in both the small and the large scale structure of the universe.

To ourline recenbt advances, l;et us recall that Hubble's law experimentally established since 1929

(1)        z = Hd

establishes that the cosmological redshift of galaxies is "radial" in all directions from Earth. A mere inspection of the law establishes that the cosmological redshift increases with the distance also in all radial directions from Earth 9Fig. 9).

Figure 9.
Figure 10.

Albert Einstein, Edwin Hubble, Fritz Zwicky, Louis de Broglie, Enrico Fermi and other illustrious scientists died without accepting the Doppler interpretation of Hubble's law via galaxies moving away from us

(2)         z = Hd = v/c

because such an interpretation implies a necessary return to the Middle Ages with Earth at the center of the universe (Fig. 10), an implication is not resolved by recent conjectures such as that of the expansion of space iself, as indicated below.

Beginning when I was at Harvard University in the early 1980s, I spent decades of mathematical theoretical and experimental research to honor the memory of the founders of our physical knowledge by first constructing an axiom-preserving isotopic generalization of Lie's theory and then achieving the following invariant derivation of Hubble's law as well as of Zwicky's 1929 hypothesis that light loses energy to the intergalactic medium during its travel to reach us

(3)         z = ± (v/c)(n/s) ≈ ± v/c ± Kd

which is uniquely and unambiguously derived from the Lorentz-Santilli isosymmetry (see the paper) in exactly the same way as the Doppler law is derived from the Lorentz symmetry; where: n is the conventional index of refraction; s the space characteristics function; n and s are positive-definite but otherwise have an arbitrary functional dependence on all local variables, thus allowing an expansion in terms of ±1/v; ± v/c is the standard Doppler's shift due to relative speeds; + Kd (-Kd) is the IsoRedShift (IsoBlueShift) holding for propagation of light within cold (hot) gases; and K is a constant. For the case of Sunlight propagating in our atmosphere or of galactic light propagating through intergalactic media, the Doppler's term is ignorable, K = H, isolaw (3) coincides with law (1) by providing a derivation of Hubble's law and Zwicky's hypothesis from a primitive isosymmetry (see Ref. [6] and technical papers quoted therein).

It should be stressed that isolaw (3) represents "all" possible galactic red- or blue-shifts depending on the temperature, density and other characteristics of the gas traversed by light. An an example, some of Arp's quasars physically associated to a galaxy show large differences in cosmological redshifts or even a blueshift of the quasar while the galaxy is redshifted. Isolaw (3) represent all these cases via the large differences in size, density, temperature, etc. of the quasar chromosphere and the innergalactic medium. For instance, the blueshift of the quasars is evidence that the large chromosphere of the quasar is very hot, thus releasing energy to light, while the galactic light is redshifted due to the cold intergalactic gaseous medium [1-9].

It is evident that, the experimental dismissal of the expansion of the universe implies the dismissal of "all" subsequent cosmological conjectures, such as:

Inconsistencies of the acceleration of the expansion. According to Doppler's conjecture (2), galaxies G1 and G2 of Fig. 11 are at double distance from Earth, thus allegedly having double speeds for observer E on Earth. But there exists an infinite number of observers in the universe for whom galaxies G1 and G2 have the same distance, with consequential same speed of expansion thus resulting in a catastrophic inconsistency of the very conception of the Doppler interpretation (2) of bHubble's law (1). In any case, current conjectures in the expansion of the universe have now passed any limit of credibility with the recent measurements of values z = 4 for galaxies at the edge of the known universe, which implies that these galaxies are moving away from us at "four times the speed of light" (sic), resulting in gross violation of special relativity which is not removed by other conjectures. the loss of credibility of Doppler's interpretation (2) are results from the absence of an quantitative interpretation published in refereed joiurnals, including the lack of any serious interpretatiomn via the far reaching conjecture of dark energgy discussed below.

Inconsistencies of the expansion of space. The extremely far reaching conjecture that space itself is expanding was venture in an attempt to avoid Earth being at the center of the universe so as to maintain the validity of Einstein's special relativity in the large scale structure of the universe. This intent would have been achieved in the event the expansion of the universe was uniform, while the acceleration of the expansion and its radial character maintain Earth at the center of the universe even under the expansion of space itself. Needless to say, additional even more far reaching hyperbolas can be cinjectured to maintain Einsgtein's special relatyivity in the large scale structure oif the universe, but then, under similar conjectures I can prove that our Sun is made up of exciuted bees. Even assuming that a geometry can be found to avoid Earth at the center of the universe, the conjecture of the expansion of space itself remains catastrophically disproved from the inconsistency of Fig. 11. In any case, a conjecture of the magnitude as that the entire space permeating the universe is expandingshould only be voiced following experimental verifications proportionate to the magnitude of the conjecture, with ensuing problems of scientific ethics and accountability, particulalrly when politically oriented conjectures are ventured under public financial support.

Figure 11.
Figure 12.

Inconsistencies of the big bang The big bang conjecture was ventured for the intent of "explaining" the expansion of the universe. However, the very definition of "explosion" establishes that, as a condition to be compatible with the radial character of Hubble's law (1), the big bang must have occurred in our galactic vicinity, thus implying again Earth at the Center of the Universe. Additionally, the definition of explosion implies that our galactic environment should be devoid of any galaxy for 13.7 billions light years and that galaxies should "slow down" with the increase of the distance, all inevitable consequences that are dramatically disproved by astrophysical evidence. The Cosmological Background Radiation (CBR) is known to need a continuous source of energy because, in the event created at the time of the hypothetical big bang, the CBR should have been absorbed by galaxies and intergalactic media billions of years ago. By contrast, Santilli IsoRedShift provides precisely the continuous source of energy needed to maintain the CBR because the energy lost by light to intergalactic media is released by cold Hydrogen atoms precisely in the form of the weak CBR. When I was at Harvard University in the early 1980, I had "irreconcilable disagreement" with Steven Weinberg, Sheldon Glasow and (the late) Sydney Coleman on these and other far reaching conjectures solely voiced to maintain the validity of Einstein's theories without clear evident or plausibility (see Il Grande Grido).

Inconsistencies of the cosmic inflation. Dr. Fleming recalled in the heading of this post that the cosmological inflation is dubbed a "fantasy" by Porf. Roger Penrose. This should be sufficient to disqualify the conjecture, again, because ventured for the essentially political intent despite its inconsistencies. As an example, the conjecture of cosmic inflation is based on Einstein general relativity and, therefore, the inflation is ventured following the preceding, generally tacit conjecture that intergalactic space is curved. But incontrovertible evidence establishes that intergalactic spaces are flat because gravity at millions of light year distances of galaxies is null. Once the Riemannian geometry is admitted as being inapplicable, cosmic inflation is indeed a sheer "fantasy." As an incidental note, the recently detected "riddles" in light coming from certain regions of the universe are numerically and invariantly represented by isolaw (3) that has been experimentally verified on Earth prior to any application to the universe.

Inconsistencies of dark matter. According to Newton and Einstein, matter causes gravitational "attraction." Therefore, in the event galaxies were filled up with dark matter, they should "contract" contrary to the evidence. In any case, no paper published in refereed journals has actually explained the anomalous redshift of peripheral galactic stars via the conjecture of dark matter. Being believed to be everywhere within a galaxy, the total effect of the hypothetical dark matter on individual stars is identically null. It is also generally belikeved that the anomaly of peripheral galactic stars is due to anomalous "speeds," while on scientific ground the serious statement is that said stars have an anomalous "redshift." The Doppler interpretation is based on the additional. studiously silent conjecture that special relativity is valid within the innergalactic medium. Once the anomaly is admitted as being for redshifts, rather thjan speedsw, its interpretation via Santilli IsoRedShift is immediate since we merely have star light losing energy to the innergalactic medium. As a matter of fact, said anomalous redshift provides direct experimental information on the characteristics of the innergalactic medium nowadays generally ignored due to its known incompatibility with spoecial relativity.

Inconsistencies of dark energy. The yet additional, extremely far reaching conjecture that the universe is primarily composed of a mysterious invisible energy was ventured in a further attempt of salvaging preceding inconsistent conjectures. However, energy is the source of gravitation according to Einstein. Hence, in the event the universe were mostly composed of dark energy, it should contract. As it is the case for the hypothetical dark matter, the hypothetical dark energy is assume as permeating the entire universe and, consequently, it cannot possibly have any effect on individual galaxies. Also, no paper published in a refereed journal has actually explained how the conjecture of dark energy can represent the expansion of the universe and its acceleration according to conjecture (2) all the way to claimed speeds of galaxies up to four time the speed of light. Finallhy, the sole available elaborations of the conjecture are based on Einstein's general relativity. But again intergalactic spaces have no curvature whatsoever because gravitation at millions and billions of light year distances is identically null, thus identifying the political character of the conjecture of dark energy. Ruggero Maria Santilli.

5. The Need for Governmental Interventions
As illustrated in Refs. II below, the above disproved chain of far reaching cosmological conjectures continues to propagated without any consideration whatsoever, let alone dismissal in refereed publications, of their inconsistencies and experimental dismissals published in refereed journals.

This is a continuation of a trend initiated in the 1940's. In fact, the conjecture of the expansion of the universe was proposed and propagated by the physicists of the Manhattan Project for the unspoken, but clear intent of broadening the applicability of Einstein special relativity to the entire universe in complete oblivion of the objections voices by Albert Einstein, Edwin Hubble, Fritz Zwicky, Louis de Broglie, Enrico Fermi and other important scientists, as recalled above by Dr. Santilli.

Subsequently, the conjecture of the expansion of the universe has been maintained to this day via an organized international academic cartel that disqualified dissident view via the abuse of credibility (see the qualification by Wikipedia as "fringe" science for Dr. Santilli's experimental dismissal of the expansion of the universe, of Zwicky's historical hypothesis on light losing energy to intergalactic media, and of other qualified dissident views, while Wikipedia dubs as "science" extremely far fetched, but politically aligned conjectures such as the big bang, the expansion of space, the cosmic inflation, the dark energy, and other conjectures despite other being experimentally dismissed with unchallenged experiments on Earth).

With the passing of the decades, strong experimental evidence dismissing the conjecture of the expansion of the universe emerged, and the indicated international organized cartel just ignored them, exactly as done with impunity at the inception of the conjecture in the 1940s. As an example, in the 1970s, the experimental astrophysicist (the late) Halton Arp of Harvard University discovered quasars physically connected to galaxies according to clear gamma spectroscopic evidence, yet their cosmological redshift where very different, thus constituting clear evidence of the violation of special relativity for the associated quasar and galaxies.

Arp was requested by his colleagues at Harvard to publish a dismissal of his findings. Since Arp refused, he was terminated at Harvard University, was unable to locate any academic job in the U. S. A. 9despite being the best experimental astrophysicist of his time!), was forced to emigrate to Germany and was prohibited access to any astrophysical laboratory in the world (see the testimonial of Dr. J. Dunning Davies of Hull University, England in Documentary 11]), thus illustrating the capillary organization of the indicated international academic cartel that essentially keeps maintaining the ever increasing chain of far fetched conjectures by merely suppressing on a world wide basis any treatment of Arp's pair of connected quasars and galaxies, with very serious damage to the image of the United States of America vis-a-vis the rest of the world and history.

Then, in the 1980s, it was the turn of Dr. Santilli when he was also at Harvard University under DOE support where the local representative of the indicated international cartel perpetrated such abuses to oppose the will of our Government by publicly declaring the program of formally approved DOE grants as having "no physical value" (see the 1985 three volumes of Documentation of Il Grande Grido and the 2008 Update of Il Grande Grido and the website of Scientific Ethics).

Because of his research beyond Einstein's theories and quantum mechanics study of irreversible energy producing processes via the lie-admissible covering of lie's theories), Dr. Santilli too was forced out of Harvard University and was unable to secure any academic job in the U..S.A. despite him being the recipient of a DOE grant, that was administered for three years by The Institute for Basic Research, then located in Cambridge, MA.

The continuation of propagation of the chains of hyperbolic cosmological conjectures sampled in Ref. II below is an illustration of the clear intent by the indicated international academic cartel to keep doing what they have done with impunity for about one century with the abuse of billions of dollars of taxpayer's money, that is, by continuing said abuses by disqualifying and ignoring opposing evidence.

The underwriter believes that it is time for our Attorney General and othyer Governmental Authorities to investigate current funding in cosmology by the DOE, the NSF, NASA and other grant agencies so as to ascertain the full compliance of ethics and accountability in the use of public funds, let alone prevent the sealing of America in the dark side of scientific history.

Pamela Fleming
Executive Voice President
The Institute for Basic Research
Email: basicresearch(at)i-b-r(dot)org



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