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Einstein special and general relativities provide no classical distinction between neutral matter and antimatter and, even for the case of charged antiparticles, they lead to inconsistencies, e.g., under quantization they lead to a particle (rather than the charged conjugated antiparticle) with the wrong sign of the charge. This occurrence created a serious scientific imbalance in the 20th century because matter was studied at all levels, from Newton to second quantization, while antimatter was solely studied at the level of second quantization.

Following extensive studies, the Italian-American scientist Ruggero Maria Santilli (formerly from the Department of Mathematics of Harvard University under DOE grants ER-78-S-02-47420.A000, AS02-78ER04742, DE-ACO2-80ER10651, see the CV prizes and nominations has resolved the imbalance by:

=> constructing a new mathematics that is anti-isomorphic to the conventional mathematics, today known as Santilli isodual mathematics,

=> constructing the classical isodual theory of antimatter whose operator image is equivalent to charge conjugation, and

=> showing that antimatter can be also studied at all levels, from the Newton-Santilli isodual mechanics to second quantization, by verifying all available experimental data at the classical and quantum levels.

Some of the most important predictions of the isodual theory of antimatter are; the expected gravitational repulsion (antigravity) for antimatter in the field of matter; the emission by antimatter of isodual photons that can be measured in laboratory as being physically different than ordinary photons (e.g., because they experience gravitational repulsion from matter); and other predictions.

[1] "Classical isodual theory of antimatter and its prediction of antigravity" R. M. Santilli, Intern. J. Modern Phys. A Vol. 14, 2205-2238 (1999) available in free pdf download from the link

[2] "Does antimatter emit a new light?" R. M. Santilli, Invited paper, Hyperfine Interactions Vol. 109, 63-81 (1997) available in free pdf download from the link

[3] Isodual Theory of Antimatter, with Applications to Antigravity, Grand Unification and Cosmology," R. M. Santilli, Springer (2006) A limited number of complimentary copies are available from our Foundation on a first come first serve basis. Just send me an email at your name and complete mailing address.

Vast additional literature is available in free pdf download from the Foundation website

The R. M. Santilli Foundation has allocated funds to support innovative mathematical, theoretical and experimental research in antimatter, with particular reference to basic aspects, such as:

Pure mathematics: studies on the axiomatic structure of Isodual mathematics, including the new isodual numbers, functional analysis, differential calculus, etc.

Theoretical physics: studies on Santilli re-interpretation of Dirac equation as representing an electron-positron pair, permitted by isodual mathematics since antimatter is represented at the classical level, let alone first, quantization, but also by the fact forgotten for some 3/4 of a century that there exist no irreducible or reducible four dimensional representation of SU(2) for spin 1/2 with the structure of the gamma matrices (see Ref. [3], Section 2.3.6, page 118 on).

Experimental physics: initiation of the currently absent antimatter astrophysics via the search of the isodual light that could be emitted by antimatter galaxies and detected via neutron interferometry or other available technology (the 1908 Tunguska explosion in Siberia was apparently caused by an antimatter asteroid due to the huge devastation without any crater or debris; astronauts and cosmonauts routinely see in the dark side of Earth flashes in the upper atmosphere that could be due to antimatter cosmic rays; and other evidence).

Interested colleagues are suggested to send on or before December 31, 2009, a one page outline of the proposed research at the email below with an indication of the requested funds, and allow at least 60 days for an answer. Selected proposals will be invited to prepare a more detailed presentation.

The Foundation is also interested in conducting in 2010 the measure of the gravity of very low energy positrons in horizontal flight in a super-cooled vacuum tube 10 m long and 0.5 m in diameter as described in the experimental paper "Possibilities of measuring the gravitational behavior of electrons and positrons in free horizontal flight" A. P. Mills, Hadronic J. vol. 19, 77-96 (1996) available as free pdf download from the link Interested experimentalists from any part of the world are welcome to participate by sending me an email.

Dr. Santilli can be reached for technical issues at his email

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